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SOLO PIECES 1993-2007(NEOS) with Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Boris Previsic, Tobias Moster, Vladimir Blagojevic, Céline Herrero, Olivier Darbellay, Sylvia Nopper, and Kristine Sutidze

EURIDICE The Music Theater composition by Alfred Zimmerlin with the uncomparible ensemble æquatuor (ECM)

CONCERTANTE Haydn's and Martinu's Sinfonia concertante with the Basel Chamber Orchestra (conducted by Christopher Hogwood)(Arte nova)

IM ZWIELICHT The second CD of the ensemble æquatuor (MGB, Musique Suisse)

COULEURS Matthias' poetic oboe-solo-cd with compositions and improvisations (en avant)

OBOE PLUS solo pieces by Walter Feldmann, Matthias Arter (Changes), Nicolaus A. Huber, Luciano Berio, and Rainer Boesch (col legno)


OBOE SOLO Matthias' first solo-cd, with compositions by Heinz Holliger, Heinz Marti, Violeta Dinescu, Hans Ulrich Lehmann, and Improvisationen

METAMORPHOSES (pre-art music) with works by Benjamin Britten, William Blank, Paul Huber, Emre Sihan Kaleli and Heinz Holliger


REFLEXION pre-art soloists play compositions by Matthias Arter (another beautiful day, 3 Piano Pieces, Solo 2001) and other works


MARSYAS Duo Arter/Hochuli with compositions by Visée, Maderna, Wehrli, and Fedele

Charles Koechlin: complete music for oboe:

vol. 1 (solo, oboe/piano) vol. 2 (solo, oboe/piano, chamber music)

Radio æquatuor
the first CD of the outstanding ensemble æquatuor

undo The ultimative improvisations-cd of the uncomparible Ensemble 4VentiQuattro

Paul Juon chamber music for winds and piano (cosmoquintet - Tomas Kramreiter)

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